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Yellow House

The Yellow House photography series was created by Brendan Griebel and Jude Griebel during a joint residency in November of 2013 at the Elsewhere Museum in North Carolina. Labeled as a “living museum”, Elsewhere invites artists to explore and reinterpret the vast array of used and historic objects that form its collection.


The resulting series of 26 photographs is titled Yellow House. The body of work represents a psychological dream space where the viewer is guided through a house and confronted by surreal and symbolic scenarios. Ranging from the frightening to the serene, these scenes bestow a sense of nostalgia and loneliness, as though the derelict objects inside the space are indeed transcending their neglect and living out alternative realities.

The catalogue for Yellow House, with an introductory essay by Christopher Kennedy, can be purchased for $25 from the museum, or by contacting Brendan Griebel or Jude Griebel. 

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