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Fear and Wonder
The Museum of Fear and Wonder is a collaborative project by Brendan Griebel and Jude Griebel.  It uses the dying tradition of the rural museum to highlight the psychological and narrative qualities of objects. The collection is comprised of emotionally complicated artifacts that speak directly to themes of human experience, identity and myth-making. It forms a greater story in its entirety, both educating and mystifying its audience.  
Situated in a renovated army barracks outside the small community of Bergen, Alberta, the Museum of Fear and Wonder can be visited on an appointment basis by the curious.  In coming years, the museum will play host to guest academics and curators, allowing them the space and isolation to write and reflect on human relationships to the world of possessions.
Museum News

Exhibit at Esker Foundation

We are proud to be showing Care and Wear: Bodies Crafted for Harm and Healing at the Esker Foundation in Calgary from September 22nd-December 13th, 2023

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Community Evening

Thank you to everyone for attending the Museum's Bergen Community evening. We were treated to an excellent presentation of Doug Haslam's Cabinet of Curiosities and to music by Jamie and Laurie Syer before gathering to watch the meteor shower. 

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Care and Wear Catalogue

Support the production of the upcoming catalogue, Care and Wear: Bodies Crafted for Harm and Healing, by joining our limited presale:

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No Small Matter

The Museum of Fear and Wonder is one of three small museums profiled in Helen Gregory and Kirsty Robertson's RACAR journal article titled No Small Matter: Micromuseums as Critical Institutions.

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Voluntary Detours

We are thrilled to be a focus of Lianne McTavish’s newly published book, Voluntary Detours  Lianne’s elegant text speaks to how rural museums, collections and history help shape communities throughout Alberta. 

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Creepiest Collections Contest

We have made our submission to Yorkshire Museum's curation challenge to present the most disturbing collection items.  Check out our and others' entries. 

Hours and Location

Hours and Location

The Museum of Fear and Wonder is a private museum located near Bergen,  approximately one hour north of Calgary, Alberta.  We feel it is important that the museum's collection be used as a tool for public conversation and introspection. We do not charge admission for viewing the collection and provide individually guided tours of the museum to as many visitors as possible.  

The museum is open to the public every summer between June 1st and August 30th. As the building is shared with a private residence, we request that all visits are made on an appointment basis using the visit request form below. Admission to the museum will be denied to unannounced guests 


Visiting the Museum





Bookings are now closed for our 2024 summer season. Thanks you for all of the requests and if we were not able to accommodate you this year, we look forward to sharing the collection with you at a future date. Kind regards,

The Museum of Fear and Wonder

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Thanks for submitting!

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