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Casa de las Leyendas

Situated at the top of an old funicular station in Guanajuato Mexico, Casa de las Leyendas (the House of Legends) occupies a distinct space between fantasy, history and myth. Built by Augusto Videgaray Gallegos in 1981, the museum explores tales of misery, love and betrayal inspired by the town's colonial history.  

The museum features a series of five rooms presenting life-sized dioramas with audio narration of events depicted therein.  Specific spaces in the city have been reproduced as sets for elaborate animatronic characters that detail moralistic tales illustrating the repercussions of 

greed, tragedy, and ingratitude. Brought to life through elementary special effects consisting of hydraulics, fanned air and atmospheric lighting, the scenes resonate with awe and emotion. 

Casa de las Leyendas is itself a testament to the legendary quality inherent to many small museums. While the building is still open to the public, all traces of the elaborate dioramas which we originally visited and documented in 2011 have since vanished. 

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