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The Museum of Fear and Wonder

Small Museums

The Museum of Fear and Wonder was developed as part of a larger research interest in small museums. Small museums offer an intimate lens into the ways that people understand their world through physical objects.  They are sanctioned places for individuals and communities to give material shape to their beliefs, morals and stories. They are monuments to a deep social, cultural and historical psychology. 

We regularly travel to document remote and obscure collections. The thrill of these spaces often lies in the journey required to reach them. In the anticipation. Small museums are commonly off-line and off the beaten track. To lure their visitors, they rely on a combination of rumour, intrigue and myth. 

In documenting small museums, we hope to create a record of venues and collections that

all-too-often disappear without a trace. 

The Gartenzwerge Museum

Isla de las Muñecas 

The Land of Oz


House of Frankenstein Wax Museum

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